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Soundevaluations Blog by Claude Lemaire

Canada, Soundevaluations Blogspot

From August 2010 to date. All creative content by Claude Lemaire.

Claude Lemaire blogger, a vinyl reviewer at Positive Feedback, and close collaborator to Audio MusiKraft. I invite you to read his excellent Soundevaluations Blogspot and his ongoing monk’s work in the “Top 500 Supersonic List“.
Intro: SOUNDEVALUATIONS is a blog on sound & music mainly pertaining to vinyl & cd recordings, masterings & remasterings. Although the ratings may be interpreted as recommendations by some, they are in fact merely a reflection of my sonic preferences.
Jeff's Place Blog Logo

USA,  Jeff’s Place Blog

From March 2010 to date. By Jeff Day

Newly retired and journalist for Positive Feedback as well as a blogger on his free time, do not fail to follow the excellent audio and music reviews of the very friendly Jeff Day. You will find a lot of coveted material and profound writings. You are invited to follow him here

Audio MusiKraft YouTube Icon

Canada,  Raynond Soo,  YouTube channel (Concise hi-fi tutorials and reviews)

From September 2010 to date.

A customer of ours who owns a YouTube channel where he reviews and provides informative tutorials on various audio products.
Enjoy his videos and we invite you evenmore subscribe to his channel because its worthwhile mentioning his excellent work while he shares his knowledge on many subjects with the audio community.
Kudos to Mr. Soo 👍👍
Itishifi Logo

USA,  Itishifi Blogspot (retro vintage modern hi-fi)

From March 2009 to date. By Iain

Just a place to post some of the hi-fi information Iain has collected over the years. Usually retro sometimes vintage sometimes modern but always hi-fi. You will lots of vintage hi-fi publications. Itishifi

Holger Barske's Blog Logo

Germany,  HolgerBarske Blog

Since 2008. By Holger Barske

Editor at Klang Und Ton magazine, Mr. Barske is also largely involved in the DIY community in Europe. Access to his blog or to his the wonderful Flickr picture gallery. The photos are taken during some yearly Fricklfest, Hi-Fi shows, triode festivals, etc. which take place in different Europe countries. A must see!