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- The world’s first and only “Customizable" phono cartridge -





A journey into sound - front - DeccaA journey into sound - front - Decca

Canada-EnglishCanada-EnglishSoundevaluations, Claude Lemaire is a close collaborator to Audio MusiKraft and vinyl reviewer at Positive Feedback. I invite you to read his excellent Blogspot and his ongoing monk's work in the "Top 500 supersonic list"







  USA-EnglishUSA-EnglishJeff's Place, daytime worker and journalist for Positive Feedback as well as blogger on his free time, do not fail to follow the excellent audio and music reviews of the very friendly Jeff Day. You will find a lot of coveted material and profound writings. You are invited to follow him here

Jeff's Place BogJeff's Place Bog




- Take Control of Your Sound -

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