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- The world’s first and only “Customizable" phono cartridge -

We are proud to introduce to the audiophile market our first product, the MusiKraft shell system based on the legendary Denon DL103 and 103R phono cartridges. A modification to the original cartridge is required as our shell system replaces the standard plastic casing. Our shell was designed by Stefan Figiel and Richard Quirion, longtime vinyl aficionados. Years of research and development were invested, during that MusiKraft various shell models for Denon DL-103 phono cartridgeMusiKraft various shell models for Denon DL-103 phono cartridgeperiod many prototypes were realized and auditioned through various metals and wood species. The present shell morphology is the culmination of all this work and offers many advantages in ways of bringing the Denon 103 to a higher level of performance, along with personalizing the sound and looks to one's tastes.


When liberated from its plastic casing and merged to our shell, you will be able to hear the full potential of the classic Denon cartridge.



Features and Innovations (...more in-depth explanations later on this page)

  • Material combinations on the same housing (metal and wood)
  • Luxurious craftsmanship
    Hand machined wood insertsHand machined wood inserts
  • Straightforward and quick cartridge installation
  • Unique lightweight magnesium shell model
  • Three (3) metal materials offered
  • Exclusive aluminum-lithium damped alloy
  • Interchangeable wood inserts to combine tonality and/or aesthetics (24 available species)
  • Various finish and tonal wood treatments 
  • Three (3) fine-tuning micro-setscrews for voicing
  • Five (5) different geometric positions for overhang adjustment
  • Simplified front and lateral reference alignment
  • Reusable and interchangeable shell

 *All our models are fully customizable



Products and service

Our MusiKraft light shells come in two (2) variations: the basic (nude) and the assembled (kit) version. The latter comprising the shell, wood inserts, and a brand new DL-103 pre-installed and ready to go. For the more budget conscious or if you already own a DL-103 or 103R, we can offer an empty shell with or without wood inserts and let you install it; but it is a risky and delicate job to remove the plastic shell and weMusiKraft S-Al-CLAN shell model for Denon DL-103 phono cartridgeMusiKraft S-Al-CLAN shell model for Denon DL-103 phono cartridge strongly recommend that you send us your cart and let us install it for a small extra fee. These two solutions are a vast improvement over the original Denon's weaknesses while still retaining its strong inner strengths of bold tone and rhythmic propulsion.


Among these two variations, we categorize our shells in three (3) metal materials. The entry-level as common aluminum "S-Al", the rare aluminum-lithium "Al-Li" as more rigid and damped, and lastly, the premium - Tour de Force - magnesium "Mg" version. Following the same family attributes that make our basic aluminuMusiKraft magnesium shell model for Denon DL-103 phono cartridgeMusiKraft magnesium shell model for Denon DL-103 phono cartridgem version stand out but made of more coveted alloys, the Al-Li and Mg are priced accordingly due to their higher material cost, scarcity in supplies and particular challenges in machining (such as incendiary hazards, corrosion and waste) but the sonic superiority is worth these insurmountable obstructions. Every material in nature - be they metals or wood species for that matter - exhibit a particular set of mechanical and acoustical properties. Our package deal includes a pre-installed brand new DL-103 along with customer chosen wood inserts from our twenty-four (24) species selection.

Among our products, we offer accessories and options such as eco-friendly oils, beeswax, white Shellac, varnish, hardware, etc...




The MusiKraft shells are designed to fit standard two screw fitment (EIA) 1/2" headshells. They are not specific to one tonearm brand but rather universal to many. They have been thoroughly tested on the SME 3009 and 3012 as well as the Rega RB300. However, in some cases, the Rega tonearms may require added or heavier counterweights and slight modifications as of height or VTA compensation.


We here at Audio MusiKraft

To our knowledge, nobody else offers these advantages:

  •  Customizable material on the same housing (wood and metal)

Making this a first in cartridge history and a definite advantage for the listener to attain his musical goals. The concept was to break down and attenuate any propagation of unwanted resonances through the body of the phono cartridge by using the classic technique of mechanical impedance mismatch between different materials, namely metal, and wood. Having experimented with different materials over the last few years, we here at Audio MusiKraft concluded this combination brings the best of both worlds as of musicality; the metal enhances the punch, tightness, and precision to the sound while the wood adds warmth and body, creating the perfect equilibrium of yin and yang.


  • Luxurious Craftsmanship

Through the power of the efforts behind the engineering process of many years, the raw beauty of this piece speaks for itself. Every shell parts are manufactured to strict ±0.001" tolerance.


  • Straightforward and quick cartridge installation

Our shell is a two-part (2) assembly; cover and base. Machined guide pins ensure direct alignment between cover and base. Installing the cartridge is a simple slide-in operation and cover reinstallation. The cartridge is mechanically secured in all directions and lastly held with the cover installation, which is secured by four (4) screws.

  • Unique lightweight shell

MusiKraft shells are the lightest metal ones on the market. Much care has been taken to limit its weight all the while providing high strength structural behavior and low resonance. Our lightest and unique magnesium shell will not need changes to the tonearm counterweight and rarely for our aluminum alloy ones.


  • Three (3) metal choices

Aluminum “Al” is available but we have innovated with aluminum-lithium “Al-Li” and magnesium “Mg”.The aluminum-lithium variant is used in aerospace and high strength applications requiring low density and high stiffness thanks to the lithium additives. The high copper content is a favorable damping property we were looking into. Magnesium; as it is the lightest structural metal available. Magnesium’s combination of low density and good mechanical strength results in a high strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, because of its low Modulus of elasticity, magnesium can absorb energy elastically. Combined with moderate force, this provides high damping capacities which is again an excellent characteristic for a cartridge environment.


  • Changeable wood inserts to combine tonality and/or aesthetics

One can choose to use its shell nude or with wood inserts. The three (3) inserts; one (1) top and two (2) lateral, allow the listener to alter the sound so to please one's ears or eyes. The owner can choose different wood to his preference. A vast selection of twenty-four (24) species is available and additional sets are in an option. Different wood treatments are also available for use as a dampener or wood protectant. The inserts are held in place by pressure and need tight fit from the manufacturer. Note: for best fitment, we suggest buying your extra wood sets at shell's date of purchase.


  • Three (3) micro-contact tuning screws (front and laterals)

Making this another first in cartridge history; our system allows adding mechanical damping with the aid of three strategically positioned micro-hexagonal set screws. The front one being straight on the very sensitive pole piece and laterals ones in direct contact with the adjacent cartridge sidewalls.  In contrast to some lesser designs, the magnetic assembly and the base of the denuded DL-103 is firmly held in place in our shell. For us, an approximate pressure generated by wedging the base in wood or metal slits is just not good enough. The benefits of our design are two-fold. First, we can achieve excellent tracking because the heart of the cartridge becomes inert and incredibly stable, and suddenly is able to reveal a dizzying array of micro details and musical information that was previously obscured by the original plastic shell. Secondly, these adjustable set screws are used as a kind of tone control for voicing the cartridge to your system, tastes, and personal preferences. The use of these screws is optional and are strictly used for tweaking the sound, not as cartridge support.


  • Five (5) different geometric overhang positions

Another exclusive feature of ours is the Top Plate; we machined ten (10) screw holes instead of the regular two (2). This allows multiple overhang positions without the need to reposition the tonearm base.


  • Simplified front and lateral reference alignment

The resulting symmetrical design done by square sidewalls and clear cantilever view are strong visual cues for facilitating azimuth adjustment and renders perfect cart alignment mounting.


  • Reusable and interchangeable shell

Our shell system is a wise investment, as once stylus life is over, rather than disposing of the permanent cartridge assembly (refer to competitors), our customers need only to buy a new cartridge and reinstall it in the MusiKraft shell. Our shell system can be used simultaneously for the DL-103 or 103R and without the need to buy multiple shells, one can switch from a cart to another in a breeze within minutes.


Product Warranty:

Refer to the Terms & Conditions page.


- It is now clear why the MusiKraft shell system reset the bar in cartridge sound -



Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or visit our FAQ section.         

- Take Control of Your Sound -

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