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- The world’s first and only “Customizable" phono cartridge -

Bronze "Br" Shell

This Audio MusiKraft bronze moving coil phono cartridge comes with an installed modified Denon DL-103 or 103R generator and with the necessary wood inserts and finish of your choice.  Additional options are offered to customize to one's preference . These bronze cartridges are sold in many versions; highly hand polished or in six (6) gorgeous patina finish done by a private artisan.

Product specifications are described in the respective product sheets. Consult them here.


MusiKraft fully customizable Bronze cartridgesMusiKraft fully customizable Bronze cartridges

The Denon DL-103 phono cartridge is as everyone should know; the «Queen» of the MC cartridge on the market.  It is a true legend as it has a long past. It is built since the early 1960’s and many variants of it were made as upgrades, as for different uses and as limited edition celebrations. It is quite a statement from the company that the particular DL-103 model hasn’t changed specifications over the last 55 years or so now and more than 700,000 units (in 2014) of it were built since its release. It’s quite a token of trust from the consumers.

If you ask us, everyone should own at least one DL-103 in their cartridge collection. Even in its unmodified condition, people always seem to come back to it.

Today, to highlight its statute we want to immortalize it even more and offer to the audiophile the chance to make it play in an optimal environment with the Audio MusiKraft transformation. Our latest research shows that the ideal metal to work was with a Bronze alloy. There could not be a better coincidence as this material is commonly used for commemorations. For one reason, Bronze is regarded as a durable and ageless material which last millenniums. It exists since 3000 B.C. and its production is still going on strong.

In general, we believe bronze is quite favorable for high-performing audio component construction when introduced in strategic places. Here are two other reasons why we have chosen this mythic alloy in search of specific Sonics. One, for its heavier mass to better control the arm resonances as well as stimulate the Denon's cartridge suspension, and secondly, by providing to the motor the best acoustically sound structure in reference to the proper alloy composition; i.e. copper, lead and tin which are low resonant materials. These supple materials dampen the ringing transmitted back to the generator usually associated with metals and which would translate into distortion.

MusiKraft fully customizable Bronze cartridgesMusiKraft fully customizable Bronze cartridges

In the Bronze collection, each cartridge shell patina is an artwork and they are definitely stunning for the eye. For the works we have opted for six (6) distinct patina finishes. Among those, each and every shell part is unique as it’s manually done one by one by the artisan. The artwork is finally protected with a trusted micro-crystalline wax polish used in Museums. The patinas age over the first years and get even better.

Before handing our pieces to the artisan for the final touch, we carefully hand polish each shell part to a mirror finish so this later helps the patina have a deeper and more detailed visual impact.

Last but not the least, we devote a lot of time and energy in creations that represent our labor of love. Then, for the completion of the artworks we needed to share together a synergy with the right artisan so he faithfully communicates the meaning of this memorable product. The artworks were handed to a reputable smelter (Art foundry) here in Quebec.

In every aspect, our quest for ultimate performance has proven us right.

This cartridge can be fully customized to your musical and/or visual preference. 


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