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Magnesium shells

- The world’s first and only “Customizable" phono cartridge -

Magnesium "Mg" Shell


This MusiKraft shell is specifically designed for Denon DL-103 or 103R phono cartridges. Available nude as a starting point and customized to one's preference or as a complete kit with preinstalled cartridge and wood inserts. For the surface finish, our magnesium shells are passivated with a micro-coating conform to MIL specs.

As the lightest structural metal available, magnesium’s combination of low density and good mechanical strength results in a high strength-to-weight ratio. Also, because of their low modulus of elasticity, magnesium alloys can absorb energy elastically and are well known to have high damping capacity compared with various metallic materials. Diverse uses including aircraft fuselage, automotive parts, and speaker cones all benefit from this light weight alloy. In fact, magnesium is 33% lighter than conventional Aluminum.


Magnesium is easy to machine but nonetheless capricious. Very few machine shops will or can work this material as its dust is highly flammable, insurance companies refuse to cover these shops. Also known since long ago, magnesium lacks sufficient corrosion resistance. Particular care must be taken as soon as it is machined. The treatment we have chosen was primarily for corrosion inhibition and retain its electrical conductivity. The common practice to properly finish metal surfaces is to add an additional coating for aesthetics. For our use, we decided it was a nonsense to add layers, it was rather important to preserve the metal surface as natural as possible without losing the advantages of its properties in the raw state.


Product specifications are available at the following links:MusiKraft fully customizable magnesium shellsMusiKraft fully customizable magnesium shells



Including DL-103: S-Mg103-COCO

Including DL-103R: S-Mg103R-COCO





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