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Audio MusiKraft – the industry's best and most advanced shells for the the Denon DL-103/103R MC cartridge –


From the get-go, the Denon DL-103 is a fabulous cart to own and work with. All our shells (bodies) are built with great care and pride and when paired together, produce a stunning combination. There are numerous benefits to gain once properly installed in your existing analog setup. At the forefront will be a dramatic increase in musical performance, followed by the unique ability to customize the shell to tailor the sound and the looks, thanks to our exclusive «Tunable» and «Customizable» design.


If there is one place most sensitive in your sound system, it is at the tip of your stylus. The moving system has the delicate and difficult duty to pick up information buried deep in the vinyl groove and converts it into voltage through its internal motor. This voltage, measured in fractions of millivolt is rather weak when compared to the volts at the output of your amplifier and loudspeaker terminals; a non-negligible factor of 10,000 or more. As a consequence, it is important to view your cartridge not only as a generator of great music but also of unrelated and undesired noise, very susceptible from its surroundings through mechanical and acoustic transmission and consequently magnified by the remainder of the audio chain. Therefore the methods to adequately hold in place the cart to reduce and control any external vibrations that could wrongly excite it were of prime importance in our research. To accomplish all of the above, the Denon DL-103 requires that we remove its harmful-sounding resonant plastic body and 'dress it back up' so to speak in a far superior housing. A MusiKraft shell will permit you to eliminate the unwanted noise and let you fine tune your Denon cart the way you want it. So choose from our variety of woods and take control of your sound starting right now.


For a list of the numerous advantages provided from our cartridges and shells, please refer to the respective product description.


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