About Us


Founded in 2016 by Guy Pelletier, Audio MusiKraft is a small core of experienced craftsmen and devoted music lovers dedicated to bringing you outstanding components with exceptional value; all the while advancing our utmost objective: true musical fulfillment.


While others seem intent on pursuing “absolute accuracy” in sound above all else, we favor liberating the intensity and soul of the artists and the performance. In fact, sonic accuracy is probably the biggest deceptive myth out there and we believe is even detrimental to sonic bliss. It is no secret that many musical masterpieces are handicapped by poor recording choices and higher accuracy is logically not the solution.


So how then can we reach or augment musical happiness? By enlarging the number of records we can play with sonic satisfaction. With over thirty-five thousand vinyl records in our combined collection spanning every style, era and recording techniques, we are confident that we know what contributes to great sound, low fatigue, and lasting pleasure.


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