Magnesium (Mg) Series

The Magnesium (Mg) alloy cartridge is for the audiophile wanting maximum transparency with neutral sound. It is the most analytical of the four alloys. The Magnesium (Mg) tends towards an immersive headphone-like 3D effect, delivering a lot of the micro-information that is contained in the vinyl grooves, with an excellent left to right soundstage nuance. Given its mechanical properties, it delivers a shorter decay time. It restores the textures and provides a harmonious tonal balance with a less weighty presentation than the other alloys.

Audio Musikraft Phono Cartridge Magnesium Series Nitro - Passivated (dual view)
Magnesium (Mg) - Passivated

Standard tonewood inserts may differ from the actual picture (shown: Black cherry)


The use of a Nitro cartridge requires at least three things:

  1. Medium to high mass tonearm to match these low compliance cartridges (i.e. 10g. and more).
  2. System ready for low output MC cartridges or either using a head amp or a step-up transformer (SUT).
  3. The Magnesium (Mg) Nitro cartridges require a tonearm able to counterbalance 11g.

Which Nitro Motor to Choose…

Audio MusiKraft offers two distinct cartridge motors: Nitro 1 and Nitro 2.

Mechanically, both motors closely resemble each other. To help distinguish them the external finish on the Nitro 2 is gold plated. The main difference stems from the Nitro 2 possessing a higher degree of copper wire purity resulting in a more faithful reproduction. Electrically; the Nitro 2  has a lower DC resistance so the recommended load is slightly different from each other and the Nitro 2  is slightly lower in output voltage than the Nitro 1.

Essentially the Nitro 1 is pleasing to listen to, it provides vivid sound which translates to a more «forefront» presentation. It offers more midrange bloom and it confers more presence than the Nitro 2.

The listener looking for a more neutral and precise reproduction will prefer the Nitro 2 version. Subjectively, this one has a flatter frequency response in its entire passband. It has slightly better and refined timbre than the Nitro 1, especially notable in the mid-range portion; thanks to the use of 6N pure copper wire. Its lower moving coil equipment mass ensures quicker transients.

The Cartridge Kit Includes

  1. Either one of the two (2) distinct motors: Nitro 1 or Nitro 2;
  2. Offered in a matte iridescent olive green passivated coating finish;
  3. Three (3) pre-selected tonewoods. We have chosen clear lacquered maple, beeswax patinated torrefied pine, and eco-oiled ipe as the optimal woods for you to cover a large musical and sonic spectrum.
  4. One damping oil vial, a complete tool kit and various screws for a trouble-free installation.
  5. A red stained baltic plywood jewel box.
Audio MusiKraft three various phono cartridge wood inserts

Actual tonewoods included: Clear lacquered maple, beeswax patinated torrefied pine, and eco-oiled ipé.

Wood color and grain may differ from the actual picture.



Granted: Class “A”

Technical Specifications


Magnesium (Mg)

Motor model:

Nitro 1

Nitro 2

Shell Specifications

Alloy material:


Protective layer:

passivated coating


matte / iridescent


olive green

Shell weight (nude):


Headshell mount:

per EIA Standards, 1/2″

Shell cover threads:

10 – M2.5 x 0.45 (5 overhang positions)

Cover depth clearance:

2.2mm (max. screw length)

Tone wood inserts (3 species incl.):

Clear lacquered maple, beeswax patinated torrefied pine, and eco-oiled ipé

Cartridge Specifications

Generating system:

LOMC (low output moving coil)


2, stereo

Cartridge size (LxWxH):

28.5 x 18.0 x 17.7mm

Cartridge weight (with wood inserts):

10.3g – 10.9g

Coil conductor:


6N pure copper


Stylus shape:


Tracking tip size:

0.65 mil


light alloy


Playback frequency response:

20-45,000 Hz

Channel separation (1 kHz):

> 25 dB

Channel sensitivity difference (1 kHz):

< 1 dB

Output voltage (1 kHz, 50mm/sec.):

0.35 mV

0.30 mV

Stylus pressure (vertical tracking force):

2.5 ±0.3 g

Compliance (on disc):

5 x 10-6 cm/dyne

Electrical impedance (1 kHz):

40Ω ± 20 %

14Ω ± 20 %

Recommended load resistance:

100Ω min. (40 Ω min. SUT)

100Ω min. (14Ω min. SUT)

Warranty: One (1) year against manufacturer defect in materials and craftsmanship. The warranty does not cover any damage by the owner. For eligibility, the cartridge must return to the manufacturer for inspection and approval. Please handle your cartridge carefully. Refer to Terms and Conditions for additional pieces of information.

Refer to our complete download section. Among this page, you will find all our files such as manuals, technical datasheets, wood insert charts, voicing procedures, White Papers, etc.