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The Press unanimously agree on the MusiKraft as being a unique, outstanding, and great value phono cartridge. Most recent reviews first.

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.42 No.10 (October 2019) by Art Dudley

«Listening» by Art Dudley – In Search of the Exceptional


Haha! GArtzilla on the Altec 604 and the Audio MusiKraft patinated Bronze cartridge equipped with composite leather-wood inserts. After this article, we’ve welcomed Art to continue exploring it. His following listening sessions most probably lead to the recent “A” / $$$” Recommended Components grading on our phono cartridge.

Enjoy your read! ♫ Listening #202: Altec 604 & Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103

Here are our Manufacturer’s comments :

«We want to thank Art Dudley and Stereophile Magazine for his review of the Audio MusiKraft Bronze cartridge.

As pointed out by Art, throughout time, bronze has sporadically been adopted by a handful of high-caliber audio specialists pursuing ultimate musical performance and satisfaction. From the get-go, we had one primary objective: to maximally improve the performance envelope of this legendary cartridge. All our initial efforts were directed toward reinventing the weakest link: the external plastic shell. This culminated in the development of a truly unique “all-in-one” design that still to this day has no peer. And just as a teaser for things to come, during the past years, we have worked simultaneously to address the second weak link—the motor—in order for it to
reach its zenith.

As with any tonearm cartridge combination, it is important to pay attention to the latter’s weight and compliance aspects, and in the case of the significantly heavier Bronze model, to make sure one has sufficient tonearm counterweight to compensate and fully take advantage of its properties. It is gratifying to read Art’s praise for the Audio MusiKraft body, calling it “ridiculously
well-engineered and precisely machined”–something we are very proud of and maintain throughout all our products.

When playing mono LPs he states that: “Unlike many other stereo carts,” the Audio MusiKraft Bronze “was a fine mono cartridge in a pinch: when you want to hear good mono playback but you have neither the time nor the inclination to futz around changing cartridges,” confirming our own listening tests, which always includes mono releases. At the end of the review, Art was more than encouraged to recommend it and hopes to continue discovering it, while we are more than happy to comply. Bon voyage!»

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.42 No.10 (October 2019) by the staff

Great News!!

Not only have we done it for a 5th time in a row among 400+ OF THE BEST-SOUNDING AUDIO COMPONENTS RECOMMENDED.

but with the best scoring this time with Art’s latest review of the Patinated Bronze model. The one we’ve sent him was equipped with wood and leather composite inserts and we’ve suggested to Art to finely set the tuning screws.

Stereophile ranked this Bronze cartridge model as a Grade «A» i.e. among the best sounding cartridges there is, plus it is the 4th best value among these 37 top-rated phono cartridges. Additionally among all these, our Bronze cart and the EMT TSD15 are the only two having the «$$$» as they are found to perform much better than might be expected from their price.

No need to tell you how happy we are and especially to have earned this gratification in a mere two-year period of existence for the company. The renowned EMT TSD’s and Ortofon SPU wood as being our close neighbors in this ranking. This is only a beginning as we aim only to be among the best, if not the best value and sounding cartridge one can buy, so strap on your seat belts as this is barely the beginning!!

Thanks to Stereophile for making the RC available to the public, Art Dudley for his latest review, close Audio MusiKraft collaborators for all their support and all our existing customers who believe in this unique product.

We are eager and invite you to read Art’s first impressions of our Bronze model in his usual “Listening” Column in this October edition as a great introduction to this new addition in our line.

If your goal is maximum enjoyment while listening, then MusiKraft is “The” cartridge for you.


Our Aluminum-lithium series maintains it’s solid Class “B / $$$” statute. 
Access to their list at the link here (middle of the page, section B)
The Factory Audio Blog

Australia, The Factory Audio Blog

July 7, 2019 by Dr. Walter Kudrycz

Dr. Walter Kudrycz’s point of view on the Wand tonearm and the Al-Li Audio MusiKraft phono cartridge.

The author has an interesting writing style and takes attractive pictures. This blog feels like fresh air; more profound to what we are used to reading in Hi-Fi!

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.42 No.4 (April 2019) by the staff

Again for a 4th time in a row being among the best 500 Great-Sounding Audio Components Recommended. It’s very rewarding to get this recognition from a such reputable Magazine. Thanks, Stereophile Magazine!!
Access to their list at the link here (middle of the page, section B)
Vumetre Magazine Logo

France, Vumètre Magazine

N°23 – Saison 4 (May-June 2019) by Pierre Fontaine and Laurent Thorin

Owner of Vumètre Magazine M. Laurent Thorin wholeheartedly accepted our offer to try different versions of our cartridges. In this article, you will find a very well written introduction on us and our products.

Cellule Phono MusiKraft (French)

Norway, Lyd & Bilde Online Magazine

(December 2018) by Lasse Svendsen

Before evaluating the MusiKraft magnesium version, Mr. Svendsen was skeptical about the impact on sound our cartridge would have. According to his request, we’ve sent him our most neutral sounding cartridge to test on a Technics SL-1200G. He cares to mention that one will not believe his own ears on the difference in sound the tuning screws can make while adjusting these and many more… We invite you to read the article in full.

Blodtrimmet magiker (Norwegian)

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USA, Positive Feedback

The 15th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2018, Issue 100  (November, 2018) by Jeff Day

We are very pleased to be among the five recognized components candidates as potentially deserving the 2018 Writers Choice Award which Jeff found to be truly exceptionnal.

The 15th Annual Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Awards for 2018

«Guy Pelletier’s Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103 is a marvel of design excellence and tweak-ability. The fully adjustable Audio MusiKraft cartridge shell that replaces the stock Denon’s flexy flier shell elevates the performance of the beloved classic Denon DL-103 phonograph cartridge to new heights, and allows the listener to adjust its voicing to fit their musical fancy.

I think the Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103 is a brilliant product, and I hope that its powerful tunability features stimulate a revolution in realizing the importance of tunability in achieving one’s ultimate vision of hifi performance.»

The Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103 phonograph cartridge.


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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.41 No.10 (October 2018) by the staff

Thanks to Stereophile and Mr. Art Dudley, for the third time our products are again considered among the 500 recommended High-Performance Audio Products. Fall 2018 Edition.

Recommended Component Cartridge: graded “B / $$$”

Read more here (middle of the page, section B)

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Canada, TED Online Magazine

(July 2018) by Michel Donais

Our first French written review on our cartridge!

Here is the first part of four (1/4) of the review written by Mr. Donais on our phono cartridge. In the subsequent articles, Michel will cover in more details the transformed Aluminum-Lithium (S-AlLi103-PO) Audio MusiKraft cartridge by exploring its different tuning features with various wood species and our special oil treatment. If you read french, follow him here in his technocrat adventure… Enjoy!

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.41 No.4 (April 2018) by Art Dudley

For those wanting to know how the Audio MusiKraft Al-Li model sounds compared to Zu Audio’s latest 103 Mk.II graded cartridge, we invite you to read Art Dudley’s review on the Zu.

Has the Audio MusiKraft stolen the spotlight!?

Enjoy your read! Listening #184

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.41 No.4 (April 2018) by the staff

For a second (2nd) consecutive year, our S-AlLi103-PO cartridge is awarded «Recommended Components» for Stereophile’s 2018 Edition. It ranks among the lowest prices in Class B performers (The next best thing to the very best sound reproduction). As a plus value, its associated three «$$$» dollar sign grades it as a Great Value.

We are very proud of this accomplishment and to maintain this high rank among thousands of cartridge models out there. Thanks for following us, it will only get better over the years. 

Read more here (middle of the page, section B)

VPI Industries Black Logo

USA, VPI Industries Inc.

HW Review #4 (January, 2018) by Harry Weisfeld

Following the recent Prime Scout turntable review in Stereophile’s October issue (see below), which turned out very positive using our S-AlLi103-PO aluminum-lithium cartridge-shell kit. We’ve then invited VPI to try it. Not long after the VPI Prime Scout turntable was awarded Stereophile’s 2017 “Product of the year” turntable. Needless to say, the Audio MusiKraft cartridge was as Super Winning Combo with it during the review. For the VPI’s evaluation,  the cartridge was equipped with Ipé and Tiete Rosewood oil-treated inserts. Tests were done on many of their turntables. The Audio MusiKraft: HW Review #4 – MusiKraft DL-103

« For less than $800.00 I have been mesmerized by the pure musicality of this cartridge.  It has the ability to reproduce bass in a manner of real music in a live room, no sterility, no detail over hall sound, just a perfect balance of everything that makes you want to play records.  It is very well made, beautifully executed, looks like a $6000 cartridge, and sounds very close to one in many ways. »

« Let’s put it this way, the MusiKraft/Denon is in the system I listen to all the time for enjoyment and it is staying there. Very highly recommended and especially for the price, a real musical bargain. »

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USA, Positive Feedback

Creative Forum, Issue 95  (January, 2018) by Jeff Day

After the exciting adventure through his Blog posts, Jeff presents us the official review of the “Tunable” Audio MusiKraft S-Al103-CLAN aluminum cartridge-shell kit. We’ve sent out to Jeff some Maple, Lime, Black walnut and Jatoba wood sets and our special blend of eco-friendly oil. We encourage you not to miss reading the results of many weeks of his rigorous work testing all the tunability facets. There is a lot to learn about our cartridge.

The “Tunable” Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103 Phonograph Cartridge

« Even without utilizing its tunability features, the Audio MusiKraft cartridge shell provides a rather dramatic improvement in performance both musically & sonically to the Denon DL-103, and it should be on the shortlist for everyone who owns one. »

 « I actually have zero criticisms of the Audio MusiKraft Denon DL-103 phonograph cartridge. Its design is a brilliant approach to maximizing the cartridge’s musical & sonic performance for a given listeners system balance and personal preferences, it is built to an impressive level of quality, it is remarkably affordable, and it has been completely reliable in use. »

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Poland, High

Online Magazine (November 2017) by Wojtek Pacula

Another Superb Review for us! This time from Poland. Mr. Pacula evaluated one of our most affordable Audio MusiKraft DL-103 cartridge shell S-Al103-CHAN. The reviewer has often written articles about the much loved Denon DL-103. In this article, he compares from the original DL-103 (one of his)  cart to once modded with the Audio MusiKraft upgrade. Here are excerpts of his writing about our entry-level shell:

No 163, English, Polish

« The sound with this modification was spectacular. Warm, dense and rhythmic. That’s what I love the “103” for. »

 « And so on, and so on – from tone, through imaging, to dynamics, everything is better, more natural. »

« The Denon DL-103 featuring MusiKraft’s shell is like a small dynamo, electrifying played records. »

« The improvement introduced by the MusiKraft shell is very big, it’s like achieving a much higher sound quality level with a single move. »

What could one more want in a cartridge?!

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USA,  Jeff’s Place Blog

(from June to December 2017) by Jeff Day

The Audio MusiKraft «tunable» phono cartridge

Over the next few months, Jeff will be conducting thorough evaluations of the Audio MusiKraft aluminum cartridge-shell kit S-Al103-CLAN. We’ve added four (4) different wood sets and an oil mixture of our own for him to test. His work will be summarized in a Positive Feedback article this winter. In the meantime, you can read his blog writings under:

Part 1 to 21 (from June to December 2017)

« By far, I think the most sophisticated and interesting of the aftermarket high-performance replacement bodies, are those offered by Audio MusiKraft in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada. »

«…making it one of the highest value audio products that I have ever written about, from a cost-to-performance standpoint.»

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USA, Stereophile magazine

Special Issue Vol.40 No.10 (October, 2017) by Art Dudley

Our Audio MusiKraft S-AlLi103-PO aluminum-lithium cartridge came out as a solid good match with the new VPI Prime Scout turntable where Art Dudley heavily relied on for his review. Following the review, it turned out that the VPI was granted the year’s best TT judged with our cartridge.

« Even more impressive were the believable weight and resonance of the kettledrums, the forceful and well-textured thrum of the massed strings, the perfect tones of all woodwind instruments—piccolos and flutes sounded as hard as they should, but no harder—and the fine sense of musical drive overall. »

« …the Prime Scout plus modified Denon cartridge played the music with unerring momentum and complete emotional immersion: It would have been impossible not to listen to both sides, straight through. »

Read the article: VPI Prime Scout turntable

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Special Issue Vol.40 No.10 (octobre 2017) by the staff

Recommended Component Cartridge: graded “B / $$$”

When considering there are thousands of cartridges out there on the market, we are more than pleased to mention our cartridge stands out in a bunch.

AD borrowed a MusiKraft polished lithium-aluminum shell (model S-AlLi103-PO) with side panels of South American ipe wood and a pre-installed Denon DL-103—a total retail value of $739—and was impressed all to hell and back: the MusiKraft version lacked “the slight treble glare” associated with his stock DL-103, and provided “pitches and pitch relationships [that] were steadily, solidly right,” and “vocal textures and tones with real meat and color.” His verdict: “a fine value.” (Vol.40 No.8 WWW) ]

Read more here (middle of the page)

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USA, Stereophile Magazine

Vol.40 No.8  (August, 2017) by Art Dudley

We are proud to announce our very first review, which is very positive. In this issue, Art evaluates the Audio MusiKraft S-AlLi103-PO aluminum-lithium cartridge-shell kit equipped with oiled Ipe wood inserts. We quote his conclusion:

« I found myself having such a good time with the MusiKraft»

«All in all, I was very impressed with the MusiKraft S-AlLi103-PO body, for the comprehensiveness of its design, the quality of its execution – simply feeling the sturdily precise and very smooth fit between its threaded holes and mounting bolts gave me a nerdy thrill – and the sureness of its sonic and musical accomplishments.»

«…is very strongly recommended. »

Read Listening #176